New England

September, Studio 40x34 inches linen/panel
September, Studio 40×34 inches linen/panel


Wild Rose 38x24 inches Linen/panel
Wild Rose 38×24 inches Linen/panel


Maple Reflection 48x21 inches linen/panel
Maple Reflection 48×21 inches linen/panel
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snowing in the hollow 48x22 inches
snowing in the hollow 48×22 inches   linen/panel


misted rose 30x40 inches
misted rose 30×40 inches      linen/stretched


a lite frost 14×36 inches linen/panel


Autumn reflection 46 x 38 inches linen / stretched
Autumn reflection 46×38 inches linen/stretched


golden rod 23 x 38 linen / panel
golden rod 23×38 linen/panel


red autumn skycape 42x68 inches linen/stretched
red autumn skycape 42×68 inches linen/stretched


sentinels 16×12 inches linen/panel


Spring 30x40 inches linen/panel
Spring 30×40 inches linen/panel


maples on the hill 12x9 inches linen/panel
maples on the hill 12×9 inches linen/panel


mid summer sunrise 30×36 inches   linen/stretched


moon glow 18×30 inches linen


Spring 30×40 inches   linen panel


sun rise through the trees 30×40 inches linen\stretched


tufts of grass 30×36 inches stretched/linen


wild flowers 20×36 inches linen/panel


winter moon set 36×30 inches stretched/linen


winter sunrise 7×12 inches linen/panel


snowing 14x36 inches
snowing 14×36 inches  linen/panel


April pond 12x12 inches
April pond 12×12 inches       linen/panel


Pond Iris 12x9 inches
Pond Iris 12×9 inches      linen/stretched


first light in the Hollow ,winter
first light in the Hollow ,winter   30×40 inches        linen/stretched


Headwaters 16x28 inches linen/panel
Headwaters 16×28 inches linen/panel



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Cornubia Hall, 400 rt 43
Cornwall Hollow Road
Cornwall, CT